Month: February 2019

Spare a Rose

This article isn’t about fancy new technology. But it is about an issue which should be important to everyone who has to inject insulin. We’re lucky in Australia that we get access to this life-saving drug. So many children in the world DIE because they don’t have access to insulin. Life for a Child is a …

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A closed loop is not every closed loop – 670G

Medtronic’s 670G pump finally launched in full in Australia this week, after the Guardian3 CGM sensor it relies on received TGA approval. Medtronic is doing its usual thing and saying it’s “the first” and “the only” (see this screengrab from their website). It’s not. It is of course the first commercial system. The 670G has been used overseas …

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Tandem pumps in Australia are changing

The t:lock connector is being introduced to Australia. Originally Tandem insulin pumps used the standard luer-lock connector for its infusion sets, meaning they could use the same infusion sets used by pumps such as Animas, Cozmo, Accu-Chek Combo. Then in 2017 Tandem introduced their own t:lock connector, and a whole set of new infusion sets …

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