Libre subsidy: how is it related to BG meter choice?

Abbott Diabetes Care stirred the Australian Libre-subsidy pot again this week, and we see people in diabetes peer support groups complaining about it in various ways. I do feel that many people have not put the pieces together and may be surprised when all the changes related to this finally come home to roost. In …

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Do you trust your meter?

BG meters are not accurate: they’re allowed to not report your actual BG value. Shocking, but true. Many people use a single meter, and assume that the number reported is their actual BG value. And then when they use a CGM (or a Libre) they complain that the numbers from those devices don’t match their …

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NDSS updates

We were expecting to see updates to the NDSS supplies list as of October 1, but they haven’t come to pass! The NDSS (National Diabetes Services Scheme) is an Australian government-funded service which provides subsidised diabetes consumables. The latest insulin pump being introduced in Australia is from Cellnovo, and they had been making a lot …

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