Fiasp PBS deletion confirmed

I’ve had a few people ask whether PBS was actually going to de-list Fiasp. None of us wanted it to be real. They have now quietly made the announcement, buried within the monthly list of changes.

Medicine information

It used to be that inside every packet of medicine there was a printed sheet with information about the drug. What it was, what it contained, what it was for, how to use it, possible side-effects to watch out for, how to store it safely, etc. Often this is printed on very thin paper to …

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Safety Net again

This is a repeat of my 2020 Safety Net article, updated with the new 2021 costs. This is of course only relevant to Australia. It’s not cheap having chronic health conditions and constantly needing medication. There are some government concessions available beyond the standard PBS subsidy, but we need to take charge and make sure …

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Lantus is being replaced

Lantus is a long-acting basal insulin which has been around since 2000. That’s about to change, but don’t panic. Essentially it’s just a name change. History Lantus is a U100 form of insulin glargine, made by Sanofi. Its patent protection eventually ran out, so new versions started appearing from other companies. Lilly (who also make Humalog) …

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