What’s a container of insulin called?

Insulin is supplied in three forms of container: Vials. Usually containing 10 ml each. Pen cartridges. Usually containing 3 ml each. Novo calls these “PenFill”: that is trademarked and not appropriate for other makes. Pre-filled disposable pens. Again usually containing 3 ml each. Note that the currently-accepted spelling is “vial”. “Phial” is a very archaic …

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“Hard” or “soft” expiry dates: a Spirit Combo story

We see “expiry” dates on many medical items, and some of them are often treated with a little disdain. For example, lancets tend to last for aeons, and CGM sensors don’t stop working right when their expiry date passes.┬áThe Accu-Chek Spirit Combo pump has a few “features” many people seem to not be aware of, …

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Step up Roche!

Insulin pumps are life-sustaining devices that we live with 24 hours a day, so we become quite invested in them. We all live different lives, and our needs (and tastes) in insulin pumps vary. With this week’s announcement that Animas has shut down in the US/Canada, there are obvious clouds on the horizon for Australian …

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