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Long-term CGM analysis

Standard Deviation, Time in Range, HbA1c, etc. Do they correlate in any way? Sure they give us information about how our blood glucose levels have been tracking over the previous few months. But most of us only look at the latest figures. I showed my own latest data in yesterday’s “What’s normal?” post. In preparing for my latest endocrinologist …

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CGM metrics: GVI/PGS

Continuous Glucose Monitoring gives us lots of data, and various attempts have been made to distill it down into simple metrics. This is a difficult job as there can be a huge depth of data available in there, which can be lost if we only look at high level numbers. But people are used to …

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TIR expectations

I had to laugh recently. Various advertising from diabetes companies comes through my feeds, and this time it was an ad from Medtronic Australia, touting the improvements in TIR (Time In Range) for their 670G pump. Here it is reproduced in its entirety:   I’m not sure exactly where they sourced this data, but presumably …

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Targets and Goals

What is your goal for managing your BG levels? Many people think of the range 3.9-10 mmol/L as their “goal” for their blood glucose. It’s a commonly-referenced range. Of course, that’s being quite specific in terms of a goal. For most of us a better high-level goal is probably something like “live a full and happy life”. …

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