This is a survey of people using DIY closed-loop systems to manage their diabetes in Australia and New Zealand. It's designed so it shouldn't take you long to complete (~2 mins on average so far).
The survey will remain active until April 25th (ANZAC Day).

Thank you for helping! All responses to this survey are anonymous (email addresses will be excluded from the results). The results will be summarised on this website, and also shared with Nightscout NZ.

If filling this in for yourself, the language should be straightforward.
If you're a caregiver completing the survey on behalf of someone else, "you" refers to the person using the pump/loop system.

Are you (or the person you're completing this for) using a DIY closed-loop insulin pump system?
Are you currently running your system in open loop or closed loop?
Which loop system do you use for the majority of the time?
Which pump are you using? (even if not looping)
Which CGM (or Flash monitor) do you use?
How supportive of the use of a DIY loop have your medical team (doctor, DE) been?
To let us gauge the impact on your life, please rate how your sense of well-being (or "quality of life") has been affected.
Use a rough 1-9 scale.
How would you rate your diabetes "quality of life" BEFORE you started looping?
How would you rate your diabetes "quality of life" SINCE you've been looping?
Which state/territory/region are you based in?
What is your (the person with diabetes) age group?

On some device screens the blue Submit button below is partly off-screen. You should still be able to click on it.

Unique ID (eg. email or the name of your dog). Will be removed from data: used for ensuring unique responses.