2022 Australasian Diabetes Congress

The Australasian Diabetes Congress is the annual joint meeting of the Australian Diabetes Society (think “endos”) and the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (think “DEs”). The Congress has been run as a virtual event for the last couple of years, but this year it’s a physical conference again. It is being run in Brisbane, from August …

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Another closed-loop

Until now there have been two options for commercially-supported closed-loop pump systems in Australia. But it looks like that’s about to change. Last month the TGA approved the CamAPS FX loop system from CamDiab. Ypsomed is the sponsor, and it seems it is going to be launched alongside the updated YpsoPump that’s soon to arrive. This …

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Securing CGM sensors

Like many people, I usually put tape covers over my CGM sensors. Initially it was to make sure they stayed in place for their full life, even when I was spending lots of time in tropical waters. With the Dexcom sensors I find it has other benefits too: Helping keep the sensor more stable. Less movement means …

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Insulin Pump Choices update – July 2022

This site’s Insulin Pump Choices article has had a few updates: The DANA-i pump is now listed on the Prostheses List (and thus available through health insurance). Sundry tweaks to the entries for other pumps. There are further updates coming, but hopefully that snapshot is useful!

CGM Calibration and Cats

CGM is great. It tells us so much about what our blood glucose is (or has been) doing. But it’s not perfect. It’s not actually measuring our blood. It’s measuring the interstitial fluid between our body’s cells, which gets its glucose via osmosis but is essentially an “analog” of the blood. I’ve previously written about …

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