Filling an Omnipod

An Omnipod can contain between 85-200U of insulin. But the pod is only likely to last 72-80 hours: 3 days plus an 8-hour grace period before shutdown. Ideally we put enough in there to last until we’re ready to replace it: we can’t top it up! The only way we get to measure how much …

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Podding observations

Just some observations from recent experience. For the past few days I’ve been using another Omnipod DASH with my closed-loop system. This is also being tested by many people with the latest beta version of AndroidAPS 3.0. Along the way I’ve noticed a few things. These do not seem to be anything related to beta …

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An insulin pump update waiting in the wings

Medtronic’s hybrid closed loop (HCL) pumps continue to develop. Disregarding the low-glucose-suspend functions of the 640G and earlier pumps, their first generation “looping” pump was the 670G, and this grew into the 770G (which has the same algorithm but adds integration with some mobile phones via Bluetooth). There has been talk of the 2nd-generation 780G …

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The return to Fiasp

I’ve added an addendum to last month’s “Comparing multiple insulins” article, with some observations about the closed-loop performance once I went back to the “Ultra-Rapid” Fiasp. I’m continually impressed. Even when we throw in a Mexican feast!