Emergency backups: a pen that can use PumpCart insulin

When travelling I used to take insulin containers (vials/cartridges) plus pump reservoirs, and fill them as needed. The YpsoPump has changed my habits. Its glass “PumpCart”-format reservoirs are glass, and approved for holding insulin a lot longer than the plastic reservoirs of other pumps. In some countries NovoRapid and Fiasp are sold in pre-filled PumpCart …

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Medtronic tease the InPen

Medtronic Australasia have this week been sending out teaser emails about “new technology” coming. They have a web page where you can register to be kept informed. From the graphics we can see, it’s fairly obviously the InPen, which was initially introduced in the US by Companion Medical, who were then bought by Medtronic. Medtronic …

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Goodbye Semglee

A long-acting insulin that almost everyone (in the Australian T1 diabetes world anyway) knows of is “Lantus”, even though it was replaced by the identical Optisulin 2 years ago. It took a while to be phased out. A few months prior (back in October 2019) I reported the arrival of “Semglee”. This is marketed by …

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