December Australian insulin pump updates

The Australian pump market continues to slowly develop, and my Insulin Pump Choices article has had another update.┬áNotable developments since the last update include: Announcement of the Medtronic 780G pump. Initial launch of the Dexcom G6 CGM integration for the YpsoPump. Information about future pump options such as the Tandem Mobi and t:slim X3. Along …

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An insulin pump update waiting in the wings

Medtronic’s hybrid closed loop (HCL) pumps continue to develop. Disregarding the low-glucose-suspend functions of the 640G and earlier pumps, their first generation “looping” pump was the 670G, and this grew into the 770G (which has the same algorithm but adds integration with some mobile phones via Bluetooth). There has been talk of the 2nd-generation 780G …

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Pump environmental limits

We see various insulin pumps described as “waterproof”. But what does it actually mean? Personally I’m interested in how “life-proof” my devices are. That covers multiple aspects including: Water- and dust-proof. Things get dusty in the desert (especially if I fall over or commando-crawl while tracking some wildlife with my cameras). When working on small …

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