TIR expectations

I had to laugh recently. Various advertising from diabetes companies comes through my feeds, and this time it was an ad from Medtronic Australia, touting the improvements in TIR (Time In Range) for their 670G pump. Here it is reproduced in its entirety:   I’m not sure exactly where they sourced this data, but presumably …

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ADC 2019 – Day 1

Day 1 of the Congress had a few bits of news for us. Here are just a few of them. Accu-Chek Solo Roche have announced the Accu-Chek Solo patch pump. Do note that it is not launched yet. The expectation is that the pump will be launched (in limited numbers) at the next Prostheses List update (November). …

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Closed-loop pumps in Australia – March 2019

In a slight update to last November’s article on this topic, there’s now a new page on this site: Closed-loop pumps in Australia It is a high-level overview of the pump and CGM options available today. This link is available from the menu at the top of the BionicWookiee site, and will be updated …

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