Pump environmental limits

We see various insulin pumps described as “waterproof”. But what does it actually mean? Personally I’m interested in how “life-proof” my devices are. That covers multiple aspects including: Water- and dust-proof. Things get dusty in the desert (especially if I fall over or commando-crawl while tracking some wildlife with my cameras). When working on small …

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September Australian Insulin Pump changes

There have been a couple of developments in the Australian pump market recently, so two of this site’s reference articles have been updated: Australian Insulin Pump Choices Closed-loop pumps in Australia The changes include: Accu-Chek Combo The Accu-Chek Combo pump is no longer being sold in Australia. Warranty and support will continue for 4 years, …

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Omnipod DASH observations

The Omnipod DASH pump system launched in Australia recently, and I’ve been able to experiment with it a bit. Note the Omnipods I’ve been using were purchased by myself, not supplied by anyone else. As has been mentioned many times, these pumps are not currently supported by private health insurance or by NDSS, but once …

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August update to Australian Insulin Pump Choices

Yet another update to the Insulin Pump Choices page! Some more detail has been added to all the pump listings, including mentioning the insulin delivery speeds and dosing increments. If you want to see all the pump speeds together, you’ll find that in this 2019 article: Bolus speeds – how fast is your pump? But …

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Australian Insulin Pump Choices update – July 2021

The Prostheses List was updated recently. I’ve rolled out another update to my Insulin Pump Choices article. Revised areas include: Changes to the infusion sets for DANA pumps. Rumours about future Medtronic 770G->780G upgrade options. Also the Guide Link meters are now supplied with the 770G. Revised dates for the YpsoPump upgrades. Rumours about the …

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