Emergency backups: a pen that can use PumpCart insulin

When travelling I used to take insulin containers (vials/cartridges) plus pump reservoirs, and fill them as needed. The YpsoPump has changed my habits. Its glass “PumpCart”-format reservoirs are glass, and approved for holding insulin a lot longer than the plastic reservoirs of other pumps. In some countries NovoRapid and Fiasp are sold in pre-filled PumpCart …

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Stories from the 2022 ADC

The 3-day Australasian Diabetes Congress was an interesting experience for me, with ups and downs. As the first in-person Congress since 2019, with around 1600 delegates (mainly doctors, researchers, and diabetes educators) in attendance, it was interesting to be back amongst the crowds again. Day 1 involved a lot for me. As well as watching …

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Another closed-loop

Until now there have been two options for commercially-supported closed-loop pump systems in Australia. But it looks like that’s about to change. Last month the TGA approved the CamAPS FX loop system from CamDiab. Ypsomed is the sponsor, and it seems it is going to be launched alongside the updated YpsoPump that’s soon to arrive.┬áThis …

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