Close-It clinical trial

I’ve mentioned previously a clinical trial I was involved in running, in which 20 people used AndroidAPS and research YpsoPumps. The next trial is now up and running. It’s called “CLOSE IT” (or sometimes CloseIt or Close-It) which stands for “Closed Loop Open SourcE In Type 1 diabetes”. No in case you’re wondering, I didn’t …

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Clinical research news

You may have seen me refer in the past to some of the clinical trials I’ve been involved in. Now it’s time for the next phase of news! The “Baker AAPS” trial In 2019 I started working with the Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute on a clinical trial of the safety and efficacy of the …

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Emergency backups: a pen that can use PumpCart insulin

When travelling I used to take insulin containers (vials/cartridges) plus pump reservoirs, and fill them as needed. The YpsoPump has changed my habits. Its glass “PumpCart”-format reservoirs are glass, and approved for holding insulin a lot longer than the plastic reservoirs of other pumps. In some countries NovoRapid and Fiasp are sold in pre-filled PumpCart …

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