Does HbA1c have value?

This is a question we often see discussed, but I think some of those discussions miss an important issue which I’m going to explore here. The HbA1c blood test shows us how much of the haemoglobin in our blood has been “glycated” (bonded with glucose). We’re often shown that value in the context of trying …

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Recent changes to BG meters

A good reliable, accurate, and convenient BG meter is an important tool for anyone with diabetes. I wrote some years ago about my favourite meters. And in fact my favourites haven’t changed much. But the Australian market has, especially with the new laws prohibiting the supply of devices that use “button cell” batteries without child-safe …

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GMI and HbA1c revisited

More and more CGM software packages are doing away with “estimated HbA1c” and replacing it with GMI. A recent example was the revamped Sugarmate after they re-wrote their Dexcom interface and had to comply with the requirements of the Dexcom official interface. Unfortunately for me, I’m one of the people that GMI does not produce …

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