Australian Insulin Pump Choices – April 2021 update

The recent changes in the Australian pump landscape have been subtle yet significant. So I’ve rolled out an update to my Insulin Pump Choices article. The format of the article has subtly changed, and there is a bunch of updated data in there. More detail about many of the pumps, links to relevant peer-support groups, …

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No-bolus for 4 months

Back in February I wrote about some of my experiences with “Living with an actual closed loop“. Time has ticked by, it’s now been 4 months since my last bolus, and I’ve just come back from a meeting with my endocrinologist. To re-cap: I have my AndroidAPS setup tuned fairly well (and using Fiasp in …

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A new “pancreas phone”

My closed-loop insulin pump system is based around AndroidAPS, which runs on an Android phone and connects to both my CGM and my insulin pump via Bluetooth. Since 2009 my “phone phone” has been an iPhone, and I carry a separate device just for the diabetes management. I often refer to it as “my pancreas” …

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