Clinical research news

You may have seen me refer in the past to some of the clinical trials I’ve been involved in. Now it’s time for the next phase of news! The “Baker AAPS” trial In 2019 I started working with the Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute on a clinical trial of the safety and efficacy of the …

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Insulin timings (2022)

Different insulins have effect (and get used up) at different speeds, and modelling this is important for accurate calculation of subsequent insulin doses. Some automated insulin delivery (AID) systems try to determine this themselves (e.g. CamAPS has nowhere for us to tell it which insulin we’re using) and some (e.g. Medtronic and Control-IQ) seem to …

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Quinquennial looping!

What’s a quinquennial? A 5-year anniversary. Yes, it was a whole 5 years ago I finally set up my “DIY” closed-loop. I’m obviously still using it, although there’ve been lots of changes along the way. Both in terms of improvements in clinical results and in terms of quality of life. What’s changed in the technology? …

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