Have I cooked my insulin?

We’re getting well into Summer here in Australia, and the question of how to keep our insulin safe in the heat keeps coming up. All the manufacturers will tell us are the storage requirements listed in the official drug approvals. Legally they would find it hard to recommend anything outside that without first going through …

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Another “new” insulin for Australia

In April there was big news as Sanofi’s long-acting Toujeo U300 insulin was added to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and thus became accessible to many people. It had received TGA approval some time beforehand and was available under private prescription, but the cost was significant.┬áBut at the time I failed to mention another new …

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Backup insulin pens

For a change I’m not going to write here about the latest insulin pumps, CGMs, and closed-loop systems. This is about insulin pens, and possible compatibility between some models that the manufacturers won’t tell you about. Before I started using an insulin pump, I used injection pens for both my short-acting (“bolus”) insulin and my …

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