Simple gadgets

I’ve mentioned before that I often fill my pump reservoirs from insulin pen cartridges. They’re a convenient and compact size, plus they can be dropped into pens for emergency backup use. It makes for a quick and convenient fill process, where instead of “sucking” insulin out of a vial, I “push” the insulin down into …

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Speaking at ACADI summit: November 14

On November 14 (which happens to be World Diabetes Day) the Australian Centre for Accelerating Diabetes Innovations (ACADI) is hosting a summit in Melbourne talking about translating diabetes research into action and results. It’s also going to be accessible online. The program and registration information is now available online. I’ll be there: on stage participating …

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Stories from the 2022 ADC

The 3-day Australasian Diabetes Congress was an interesting experience for me, with ups and downs. As the first in-person Congress since 2019, with around 1600 delegates (mainly doctors, researchers, and diabetes educators) in attendance, it was interesting to be back amongst the crowds again. Day 1 involved a lot for me. As well as watching …

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Insulin Pump Choices update – July 2022

This site’s¬†Insulin Pump Choices article has had a few updates: The DANA-i pump is now listed on the Prostheses List (and thus available through health insurance). Sundry tweaks to the entries for other pumps. There are further updates coming, but hopefully that snapshot is useful!