Stories from the 2022 ADC

The 3-day Australasian Diabetes Congress was an interesting experience for me, with ups and downs. As the first in-person Congress since 2019, with around 1600 delegates (mainly doctors, researchers, and diabetes educators) in attendance, it was interesting to be back amongst the crowds again. Day 1 involved a lot for me. As well as watching …

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Insulin Pump Choices update – July 2022

This site’s¬†Insulin Pump Choices article has had a few updates: The DANA-i pump is now listed on the Prostheses List (and thus available through health insurance). Sundry tweaks to the entries for other pumps. There are further updates coming, but hopefully that snapshot is useful!

Omnipod options in Australia

Omnipod DASH pods were introduced to Australia last August, but while the company continues to work towards getting them subsidised like other insulin pumps through a combination of NDSS and private health insurance, we’re still left having to fund them as self-payers. They’re expensive A box of 10 pods (one month’s supply if you’re using …

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