Significant LibreLink update coming to Australia

Announced today at ADATS, the LibreLink software will be updated soon in Australia.  There are two major features:

  • It will use the Libre 2 sensors (which do not need updates for this) to turn LibreLink into a realtime CGM app.
    No need to scan your sensor to get readings. It will receive a new setting every minute.
    Hopefully no missed gaps overnight because you slept in.


  • It will allow you scan the NovoPen 6 insulin pen, and upload insulin doses so they can be reviewed in conjunction with your (Libre2) CGM data.
    Being able to see exactly when you gave the insulin can make a huge difference in improving our behaviour in this regard. Obviously it does need us to look at the data and recognise patterns, but for LibreLink users that will now be available.

Overseas some other software (including from Dexcom and MySugr) also supports the NovoPen 6, so hopefully additional options will appear in Australia soon. Already xDrip+ supports it, and it’s good to see the first commercial support for it too.

But the Libre 2 system becoming “real-time” is going to change treatment options for lots of people.

No, specific dates of availability have not yet been announced. “Several weeks” was all I’ve got so far.

Libre 3?

Still no news about the Libre 3 for Australia, but this was obviously an easier step to introduce. The Libre 3 has a smaller form factor, but the clinical accuracy data seems similar to Libre 2 (in fact the difference in claimed MARD has been attributed to merely restricting the test data used for the calculations, highlighting drawbacks in dependence on simple MARD numbers).

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  1. The Libre 3 is still only available in 11 countries. None have been added in a year.

    It’s something to do with the Abbott/Dexcom war. The Libre 2’s size makes compression lows less likely than the Dexcom. The Libre 3 eliminates them.

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