Detecting a failed pump site

In yesterday’s article I mentioned some ways we can use numbers like our insulin sensitivity factor. Here’s another. If we see our BG climbing steadily, we usually know something’s going on. It could be that the food we ate had a larger effect than we expected (such as the carb count was underestimated). Or maybe the insulin …

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Is your BOB ready?

What’s a BOB you ask? It’s a Bug-Out Bag, containing almost all the essentials if you need to leave your house. It’s a term popularised by the survivalist crowd, but it can also be an important tool for people living with Type 1 Diabetes. Consider a couple of possible scenarios: You’re involved in an accident and end …

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Daylight Saving is coming

Soon (Sunday October the 6th) most of Australia starts Daylight Saving as we’re heading into summer. What will this mean for our diabetes technology? Back in April I wrote about how the end of Daylight Saving affected us. So what’s different this time? On the 6th of October the clocks will go forward instead of back. In Victoria, …

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