My favourite BG meters

There are many blood glucose (BG) meters available in the Australian market, but this isn’t a review of all of them. If you want to see the range of meters and strips subsidised in the Australian market at the moment, have a look at the “Testing Strips order form” over at the NDSS Product and …

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Libre subsidy: how is it related to BG meter choice?

Abbott Diabetes Care stirred the Australian Libre-subsidy pot again this week, and we see people in diabetes peer support groups complaining about it in various ways. I do feel that many people have not put the pieces together and may be surprised when all the changes related to this finally come home to roost. In …

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Do you trust your meter?

BG meters are not accurate: they’re allowed to not report your actual BG value. Shocking, but true. Many people use a single meter, and assume that the number reported is their actual BG value. And then when they use a CGM (or a Libre) they complain that the numbers from those devices don’t match their …

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