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Back in 2018 I wrote an article about the new Libre 2. Finally (as of yesterday) Abbott has got the Libre 2 approved with the TGA for use in Australia.

All we know about the rollout and availability of the product is a statement by Abbott that it will be made available “over the coming months” and will be priced the same as the current Libre (1). That is, $92.50 for a 14-day sensor.

At this point I don’t expect to see the Libre 2 added to the NDSS CGM Subsidy scheme until the next update (at the same time I would expect the Dexcom G6 to be added for more than just t:slim Basal-IQ users).

What’s the difference?

To briefly recap, the Libre 2 can be used in the same way as the Libre 1. With both a handheld Reader device (which is blue for the Libre 2) and with a phone app.

While their designed use is for you to scan the sensor manually to get the readings (as with the current product) the sensor actually transmits the current BG value to the app/Reader every minute, and this is used to implement alarms.

This is one of the big things that has previously separated FGM – “Flash Glucose Monitoring” from CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) and will make a lot of people happy.

There have been other important updates to the product too, such as:

  • A new algorithm that seems to do a better job of calculating BG values.
  • Per-sensor factory calibrations (instead of per-batch) which further improves the accuracy.

I’m excited to eventually get my hands on one and see how it goes!

7 thoughts on “Libre 2”

    1. Unfortunately it uses the US-style encryption. Diabox has been successful in talking to them, but there seems to be a tug-of-war with Abbott’s legal department.

  1. Roger Womersley

    Abbott has announced the Libre 1 is end-of-lifeing in Australia.
    Has there been any progress on Libre 2/xDrip integration ?

    1. They’ve apparently said it will be gone by the end of 2022.
      I’m not aware of any success with direct Libre2(AU)-to-xDrip+ integration. Via the Diabox app is the only solution I’m aware of.

      1. Hi David (spoke a long time ago)
        Has anyone succeeded with the L2 +Xdrip here in Australia yet?
        i.e. OOP algo that seems to work for those overseas.


        1. That OOP code interfaces with the European Libre2 sensors, which are not what we have in Australia.
          I have used Diabox on Android to turn a Libre2 AU sensor into a CGM, although I prefer Dexcom at the moment.

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