Detecting a failed pump site

In yesterday’s article I mentioned some ways we can use numbers like our insulin sensitivity factor. Here’s another. If we see our BG climbing steadily, we usually know something’s going on. It could be that the food we ate had a larger effect than we expected (such as the carb count was underestimated). Or maybe the insulin …

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Why carb counting can be hard

Many people treating their diabetes with insulin seem to struggle with keeping their BG steady. And it’s not their fault! This article talks about one of the big ways instability gets introduced. Calculating our insulin needs With the common carb-counting regimen we usually have three parameters to manage our insulin: Basal insulin. The insulin needed to …

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David's 2016-2020 graph

Long-term CGM analysis

Standard Deviation, Time in Range, HbA1c, etc. Do they correlate in any way? Sure they give us information about how our blood glucose levels have been tracking over the previous few months. But most of us only look at the latest figures. I showed my own latest data in yesterday’s “What’s normal?” post. In preparing for my latest endocrinologist …

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What’s “normal”?

So another quarter has rolled around, and another blood test has been done. Here’s an analysis of my last 90 days of CGM data. This goes back to mid-December 2019 (so includes Christmas/NY). Compared with lab HbA1c Each day is different, but the above data is an average over the last 90 days. For the …

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