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Long-term CGM analysis

Standard Deviation, Time in Range, HbA1c, etc. Do they correlate in any way? Sure they give us information about how our blood glucose levels have been tracking over the previous few months. But most of us only look at the latest figures. I showed my own latest data in yesterday’s “What’s normal?” post. In preparing for my latest endocrinologist …

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What’s “normal”?

So another quarter has rolled around, and another blood test has been done. Here’s an analysis of my last 90 days of CGM data. This goes back to mid-December 2019 (so includes Christmas/NY). Compared with lab HbA1c Each day is different, but the above data is an average over the last 90 days. For the …

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G6 at last?

Dexcom’s G6 CGM looks like it’s finally coming to Australia. This article is an attempt to distill the answers to most of the common questions in one place. That is, the answers we know at this point. February 2020 The G6 system was introduced in the US in 2018. This week Australia’s TGA approved the …

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CGM metrics: GVI/PGS

Continuous Glucose Monitoring gives us lots of data, and various attempts have been made to distill it down into simple metrics. This is a difficult job as there can be a huge depth of data available in there, which can be lost if we only look at high level numbers. But people are used to …

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Minimizing CGM gaps

This article describes the way I’ve been managing my CGM so that I get continuous data, with only a few 5-minute updates missed for many months now. For most people using CGMs (such as the Medtronic and Dexcom systems) each time they start a new sensor there’s a big gap in their CGM coverage. Not …

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