Anubis revisited

Ever since I wrote about the Anubis project (twice in 2021) I keep getting people assuming that I’m responsible for it. They send me requests for units, instructions as to how to make them themselves, etc. Just to be clear: I was one of the people involved in early testing of the units, and I …

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Anubis developments

Last month I reported on Project Anubis, which is reworking expired Dexcom G6 transmitters to allow them to be re-used (and adding some new features at the same time). There’s been a lot of work done by the core team and the testers. Some people have been asking “Where can I get one?” Well today …

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G6 at last?

Dexcom’s G6 CGM looks like it’s finally coming to Australia. This article is an attempt to distill the answers to most of the common questions in one place. That is, the answers we know at this point. February 2020 The G6 system was introduced in the US in 2018. This week Australia’s TGA approved the …

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