Australian Insulin Pumps – November 2018

There have been a few slight developments in the Australian pump landscape since my August update. So here’s a new run-down. There are 7 pumps that can currently be purchased new through private health insurance: Tandem t:slim X2 Medtronic 640G Medtronic 670G Accu-Chek Combo Ypsopump Cellnovo DANA RS As usual I’ll run through them with brief …

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Cellnovo’s new handset

As we reported last month, the Cellnovo pump’s handset controller is getting an upgrade. The old Android-based handset included an Accu-Chek Performa BG meter, and was designed by Cellnovo. I say “old”, but it was only introduced into Australia in April 2018. The new handset is a re-packaged phone designed and manufactured by a non-diabetes …

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Insulin pumps in Australia – August 2018

NOTE: this article was superceded in November 2018. Please check out the updated article! It’s time for another update as to the insulin pumps on the Australian scene! There have been a few developments lately, with new pumps introduced along with updates to the Health Department’s Prostheses List. This article is our latest summary of …

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Catching up with July

Well as I expected, lots has been happening in the diabetes tech world while I’ve been away working on the African photographic expedition. So this post is a little bit of a catch-up. Ryzodeg At the start of August the Australian PBS was updated to include Novo’s Ryzodeg insulin. Although Novo’s long-acting Tresiba is not …

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What’s a container of insulin called?

Insulin is supplied in three forms of container: Vials. Usually containing 10 ml each. Pen cartridges. Usually containing 3 ml each. Novo calls these “PenFill”: that is trademarked and not appropriate for other makes. Pre-filled disposable pens. Again usually containing 3 ml each. Note that the currently-accepted spelling is “vial”. “Phial” is a very archaic …

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