Progressing through Hybrid and “Fully” Closed-looping

I’ve done articles like this in the past, comparing my clinical results over the years. But I’ve just hit what feels like another milestone, so I’m going to re-do it using my current reporting tools. I’m going to show data from four points in time: 2017, when I’d only recently started using an Automated Insulin …

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Ranges and Timeframes

I recently wrote about the value of HbA1c in measuring more than just our average BG level. And in fact that it’s often not accurate in that. Our best tools for measuring our BG patterns at the moment are Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) systems. Basic data CGM data can show us is how much our …

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May 2022 data snapshot

Last month I mentioned that I had modified the parameters I was using for the insulin activity/IOB modelling in my AID/loop system. Specifically, for Lyumjev and for Humalog I’m now using 9 hours in the exponential IOB model. I showed statistics from two 4-week samples of Lyumjev, and then a 7-day sample using this timing …

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