Looping press coverage in WA

Not a lot of new information in this post: just a boast about some recent press coverage I suppose! Diabetes WA (the Western Australian diabetes consumer-representative organisation, also associated with Diabetes Australia) interviewed me for a 2-page article on looping in their Diabetes Matters magazine. It came out recently in the Summer 2019/20 edition which …

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Take nothing for granted

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll probably have noticed that I’ve been quite pleased with my health. A change for the better, several years ago Before 2016/2017 my health didn’t get quite as much attention. Probably more than many people who don’t have diabetes, but still not a lot. A bunch …

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Gentoo calling

A new low: a good one!

Living should be about having a fulfilling life. Living with diabetes does add a lot of things to life including dealing with a lot of numbers. Visualising those numbers in graphs does help make sense of them rather than just seeing a sea of digits. And now it’s time for a little celebration! As well …

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AndroidAPS 2.5

This week an update to the AndroidAPS open source looping software was released, and it brings some significant new features. The version number has progressed from the previous 2.3 to 2.5.0. One major new function is support for all the same Medtronic pumps as supported by OpenAPS. Using a 916 MHz RileyLink (exactly as used …

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Daylight Saving is coming

Soon (Sunday October the 6th) most of Australia starts Daylight Saving as we’re heading into summer. What will this mean for our diabetes technology? Back in April I wrote about how the end of Daylight Saving affected us. So what’s different this time? On the 6th of October the clocks will go forward instead of back. In Victoria, …

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DIY Looping on ABC TV

ABC News SA has published a feature story on DIY Looping this morning! I am a little annoyed that the title refers to us as diabetes “sufferers”, but overall it seems like a nicely balanced article. Just ignore details like the caption “building software” on pictures that are showing people in fact replacing the batteries …

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