10 days of Fiasp

Last night I reached an artificial milestone. Not an important one, but maybe of interest to some people. 10 days ago I refilled my pump with Fiasp insulin, and ever since then it’s been close to my skin under my clothes. As can be seen in my Nightscout site’s display, the Insulin Age is 9d24h (10 …

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David's 2016-2020 graph

Long-term CGM analysis

Standard Deviation, Time in Range, HbA1c, etc. Do they correlate in any way? Sure they give us information about how our blood glucose levels have been tracking over the previous few months. But most of us only look at the latest figures. I showed my own latest data in yesterday’s “What’s normal?” post. In preparing for my latest endocrinologist …

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What’s “normal”?

So another quarter has rolled around, and another blood test has been done. Here’s an analysis of my last 90 days of CGM data. This goes back to mid-December 2019 (so includes Christmas/NY). Compared with lab HbA1c Each day is different, but the above data is an average over the last 90 days. For the …

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That time the Wookiee DIDN’T become more Bionic

As I wrote last month I was recently diagnosed with atheroschlerosis, with two partial blockages in arteries around my heart. Although my lipid profile has always been regarded as “low risk”, something developed at some point over the past years. Without having a heart attack, these narrowings were discovered by non-invasive testing (starting with a stress …

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Looping press coverage in WA

Not a lot of new information in this post: just a boast about some recent press coverage I suppose! Diabetes WA (the Western Australian diabetes consumer-representative organisation, also associated with Diabetes Australia) interviewed me for a 2-page article on looping in their Diabetes Matters magazine. It came out recently in the Summer 2019/20 edition which …

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Take nothing for granted

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll probably have noticed that I’ve been quite pleased with my health. A change for the better, several years ago Before 2016/2017 my health didn’t get quite as much attention. Probably more than many people who don’t have diabetes, but still not a lot. A bunch …

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