DIY Looping on the radio

Last Saturday ABC Radio National’s The Science Show featured a story of Australians talking about their experiences using DIY closed-loop insulin pump systems. I remember growing up with a weekend ritual of listening with my dad to The Science Show. It made me smile to listen to three of my friends talking on the program! You …

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March/April looping survey

In December 2017 an online survey of Australian loopers (people using closed-loop insulin pump therapy) was run, and the results were eventually published in the Journal of Internal Medicine in November 2018. It identified at least 20 people using DIY loop systems. In September 2018 a simpler survey was done via this website, and the results …

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Closed-loop pumps in Australia – March 2019

In a slight update to last November’s article on this topic, there’s now a new page on this site: Closed-loop pumps in Australia https://bionicwookiee.com/closed-loop-pumps-in-australia/ It is a high-level overview of the pump and CGM options available today. This link is available from the menu at the top of the BionicWookiee site, and will be updated …

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