Fiasp will be back!

An announcement from JDRF this morning gave us the news I’d been hoping for: Come the 1st of October (only a few weeks away) Fiasp Penfills will become available via PBS scripts. This is the outcome I had been expecting/hoping for based on scuttlebutt. Prescriptions will come with 1 repeat. Each fill of the script …

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Arcane Lyumjev experiments

I’ve reported previously about my experiences with insulin timings, including what happens when we go off-label and blend Humalog U100 with Lyumjev U100. I’ve now done another phase of experimentation, with a new data point. And some analysis of why these results might come about. I’ll first rewind a bit and explain that Humalog / …

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Re-usable insulin pens

This article is a general education one, but it’s also reference material for an upcoming discussion on insulin availability. In Australia most insulins have been available in up to three formats: 10 mL vials. Traditionally used for syringe injections and filling pumps. 3 mL pen cartridges. Put into pens for injections. Some people also use …

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