Insulin timings (2022)

Different insulins have effect (and get used up) at different speeds, and modelling this is important for accurate calculation of subsequent insulin doses. Some automated insulin delivery (AID) systems try to determine this themselves (e.g. CamAPS has nowhere for us to tell it which insulin we’re using) and some (e.g. Medtronic and Control-IQ) seem to …

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Emergency backups: a pen that can use PumpCart insulin

When travelling I used to take insulin containers (vials/cartridges) plus pump reservoirs, and fill them as needed. The YpsoPump has changed my habits. Its glass “PumpCart”-format reservoirs are glass, and approved for holding insulin a lot longer than the plastic reservoirs of other pumps. In some countries NovoRapid and Fiasp are sold in pre-filled PumpCart …

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The Dragon’s Tail

What if I told you that insulin is a dragon? I’ve heard similar analogies over the years, although to some people diabetes is the dragon.. Recently a related analogy sprang to mind, so please bear with me: A monster of immense power if you will. Treat a dragon with respect: it can kill you, but …

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