A reprieve for Fiasp

The sudden removal of the fast-acting Fiasp insulin from Australia’s PBS subsidy system has been a source of major heartache amongst the diabetes community. But we had a glimmer of hope this morning. The Federal Health Minister (Mark Butler MP) has announced that instead of Fiasp being summarily deleted from PBS, it’s going into “Supply …

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Fiasp PBS deletion confirmed

I’ve had a few people ask whether PBS was actually going to de-list Fiasp. None of us wanted it to be real. They have now quietly made the announcement, buried within the monthly list of changes.

Advocacy groups that don’t advocate?

The recent news about Fiasp insulin being removed from the Australian Government’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) from April has seen many people in the community ask “Why is Diabetes Australia not saying anything?” The grapevine says that media releases will happen on March 1st (tomorrow). There will at least be a line item hidden in …

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