Lyumjev update

Back in December I wrote about some of my experiences using ultra-rapid Lyumjev insulin in my closed-loop system, but there were a couple of unanswered questions. Particularly to do with “bolus stings” and with the speed/activity of Lyumjev. I’ve now done some further work which has hopefully clarified those questions. Just to re-iterate for the …

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Goodbye Semglee

A long-acting insulin that almost everyone (in the Australian T1 diabetes world anyway) knows of is “Lantus”, even though it was replaced by the identical Optisulin 2 years ago. It took a while to be phased out. A few months prior (back in October 2019) I reported the arrival of “Semglee”. This is marketed by …

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Having sourced a bit of Lyumjev from overseas, I’ve been able to “give it a run”. In fact I’ve been using it for almost two months now. My conclusions? As expected, I’m really keen for it to officially arrive in Australia! I’ve been mentioning Lyumjev for many months, but to recap: it’s Lilly’s faster version …

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The return to Fiasp

I’ve added an addendum to last month’s “Comparing multiple insulins” article, with some observations about the closed-loop performance once I went back to the “Ultra-Rapid” Fiasp. I’m continually impressed. Even when we throw in a Mexican feast!

Comparing multiple insulins

For years I used Humalog as my “fast” insulin (before that I used Actrapid!) so when I moved to Fiasp that’s what I had to compare with. I’ve recently experimented with switching back to Humalog to check my settings, and the results were interesting. Including that my no-bolus, no-announce closed-loop system still worked. I have …

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