7 thoughts on “Fiasp PBS deletion confirmed”

  1. Suggest we all try writing to our local federal MPs about this as well as the change.org petition

  2. We all need to write to our local Federal Members Health Minister & Shadow Health Minster asking them to intervene on the behalf of all diabetics using this insulin.
    It also couldn’t hurt if we wrote to the Editor of the major newspapers & all national news programmes.

  3. Thank god for your blog! Saw your previous post and realised I had a script for FIASP so got it ordered yesterday and picked up/paid today.

  4. As a side note – assuming it doesn’t come back, and the other ultra-rapid insulin isn’t added to the PBS anytime soon, what’s your recommendation for default fastest acting? NovoRapid?

  5. I am torn between stocking up, and just giving a big F you to the manufacturers of fiasp and moving on. I don’t wanna give them another red cent.

    Now to try and find my profiles from when I was using humalog….

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