Re-usable insulin pens

This article is a general education one, but it’s also reference material for an upcoming discussion on insulin availability. In Australia most insulins have been available in up to three formats: 10 mL vials. Traditionally used for syringe injections and filling pumps. 3 mL pen cartridges. Put into pens for injections. Some people also use …

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Adjunctive therapies

As people living with Type 1 Diabetes we’re used to the concepts of dosing ourselves with insulin and how that interacts with food, exercise, and our BG levels. It can be very convoluted, with many subtle factors sometimes having significant effect on our BG. But is the world as straightforward as “only” striving for perfect …

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An experimental OJ

In a conversation about a recent article about my fully-closed looping a question was posed to me about how my body (and AID system) would react to something like an unannounced fruit juice. My results have to be influenced by my diet to some extent. Fruit juice is something I don’t consume much of. And …

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