New interferent for Dexcom CGMs

Dexcom has just announced for Australia another medication which can interfere with their CGMs. Hydroxyurea is a cytotoxic medication used mainly in chemotherapy, so hopefully this won’t affect many people. But it has been shown to artificially raise the readings returned by the Dexcom CGMs (without actually raising the blood glucose). Thus caution should be …

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A new “pancreas phone”

My closed-loop insulin pump system is based around AndroidAPS, which runs on an Android phone and connects to both my CGM and my insulin pump via Bluetooth. Since 2009 my “phone phone” has been an iPhone, and I carry a separate device just for the diabetes management. I often refer to it as “my pancreas” …

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Magazine publication

I’ve just had a 5-page article published in the March/April 2021 edition of Australian Diabetic Living. This is under the Better Homes and Gardens umbrella, and probably available in a supermarket near you. The master copy is online though It’s a re-hash of my article here which describes the pumps currently available in the Australian …

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