40 years and ticking

Today marks another milestone for me: 40 years since I was diagnosed with T1D. I had a regular review last week with my endocrinologist, and everything remains fairly stable. Of course we make note of slight variations in some of the blood test results, but there was nothing remarkable. Of course I’m not in “perfect …

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Quinquennial looping!

What’s a quinquennial? A 5-year anniversary. Yes, it was a whole 5 years ago I finally set up my “DIY” closed-loop. I’m obviously still using it, although there’ve been lots of changes along the way. Both in terms of improvements in clinical results and in terms of quality of life. What’s changed in the technology? …

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Another year ticks by

On this day in 1982 I was admitted to hospital with a T1 diabetes diagnosis. Ever since I’ve been dependent on daily/continuous administration of insulin to live. Balanced of course with food, exercise, and all the other factors that affect us. So today (Saturday) is my 39th diaversary! Some people do struggle with the “Diaversary” …

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Little man

37 years of diabetes

Today is my “diaversary”: the anniversary of the day I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and was rushed off to hospital in DKA. That is, diabetic ketoacidosis: being on the brink of death. Thankfully I haven’t had any DKA events since. To some people it may seem strange to celebrate the day I was …

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