Another year of diabetes goes by

It’s that time of year again. Today my diabetes turns 38!

It’s certainly come a long way from my diagnosis as a teenager and treatment with two injections per day (Actrapid and Monotard, with occasional use of a very bulky and noisy BG meter) through to today where my glucose levels are measured every 5 minutes, and tiny amounts of Fiasp insulin are trickled into my body throughout the day.

In fact that’s not the only anniversary that’s passed by recently. August 22 marked my 3rd year of using a closed-loop pump system. 3 years of being in control!
The technology used to monitor and manage my diabetes keeps getting smaller and more capable. It’s hard to imagine everything that the next year will bring.

In another few weeks I have a regular review with my endocrinologist and we’ll see if everything’s still on track, but if it’s not that’ll be a surprise. Over 2 months ago I reached my weight goal (having shed 25 kg since I started a few years ago) and I increased my average food intake a bit. So there may be some slight changes in the bloodwork: we’ll see.

Incidentally, my earlier anniversary posts can be found here.

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