Loopaversary 2019

Recently I went back and checked my notes to come up with a realisation: the 22nd of August 2017 was when I activated my first closed-loop insulin pump system. That means Thursday will be my 2nd looping anniversary! Two years of feeling like my diabetes was under some sort of control, and not a speeding …

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36 years down!

36 years ago today, I was admitted to hospital diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. This was a traumatic time for me, and I’m sure it was traumatic for my family too. I was at high school and in my mid-teens. I shouldn’t have to say this, but unfortunately I still do: it was not due …

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35 years old

No, I’m not 35 years old today. But my diabetes is! Actually, it’s the anniversary of my diagnosis and hospital admission in 1982. I presumably had diabetes for a while before that, but October 2 is the date that means something.┬áBut it’s not a date I’ve paid a lot of attention to over the years. …

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