Animas finally going away

Animas is finally disappearing from Australia, and not only Vibe users will be affected. This article lists many important and urgent pieces of information for users of Animas Vibe, Tandem t:slim X2, and Accu-Chek Combo pumps. History In 2017 we heard that Animas was leaving the insulin pump market (being closed down by its parent …

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Hiccups with NDSS supply of pump consumables – July 2019

A heads-up for anyone still ordering “Animas” consumables. According to AMSL they will be withdrawn from the Australian market after September 30. They’re supposed to be fully available up until that point, but already there are supply hiccups. In June I wrote about “Accessing supplies through pharmacies” following hassles tracking down Fiasp insulin as well …

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Tandem cannulae and upgrades

Some cogitation about the introduction of the Tandem t:slim X2 pump into Australia… In the pump image I’ve been using here for a while you can see the short tubing lead that comes out from the reservoir, and terminates in a connector for the infusion set. Originally this connector was the traditional “Luer-lock” connector, which …

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