NDSS updates – October 2019

In the latest NDSS update (effective October 1st) the Animas infusion sets have finally disappeared. I discussed this back in August. There are quite a few alternative infusion sets available, but the Animas pump reservoirs are the thing that there’s no alternative for (and essential for anyone using an Animas Vibe pump).

Strangely, the Animas reservoirs have not disappeared in this update. NDSS code 710 is still there! This will be great news for people still using Vibe pumps.

However, it can’t stay. Animas has closed down, and it may just be that AMSL has some remaining stock that Animas doesn’t want returned. Or maybe it’s a clerical error. Who knows? But if you still use these reservoirs, it would seem prudent to stock up if you haven’t already.

Accu-Chek Solo

Trying out a dummy Solo for size

The other notable change to the insulin pump consumables list this month is the addition of reservoirs and infusion sets for the up-coming Accu-Chek Solo pump (which we’re expecting in November as previously reported).

No this doesn’t mean the Solo is available already. But it’s definitely a sign it’s on its way.

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