10 days of Fiasp

Last night I reached an artificial milestone. Not an important one, but maybe of interest to some people. 10 days ago I refilled my pump with Fiasp insulin, and ever since then it’s been close to my skin under my clothes. As can be seen in my Nightscout site’s display, the Insulin Age is 9d24h (10 …

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Revisiting Fiasp

Fiasp insulin became available on the Australian PBS in June this year. Based on feedback from users overseas, I was prepared to encounter issues with trying to use it. I last wrote about my use of it in “Fiaspro” which seemed to be going fairly well. This article is a followup to that. Fiaspro I ended …

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A matter of perspective

It’s important to find a medical team who are happy to work with you in making clinical decisions about your treatment of your disease. But even then we can all easily fall into patterns based on just our own perspective. A medico perspective I have been working on several diabetes projects as a consultant, and …

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