CGM calibration reminders

Most CGMs (Continuous Glucose Monitors) require calibration by comparing with BG fingerprick samples. These help ensure that the numbers the system reports are a good analog for your current blood glucose. If left uncalibrated for too long the values can drift from reality, but the speed of this drift varies across systems. I wrote earlier …

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Segal’s Law

To quote from Wikipedia, Segal’s Law is an adage that states: “A man with a watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure.” How is this relevant to diabetes? Well, for the last fortnight I’ve been wearing three CGMs. It’s been quite enlightening. The three systems I’ve been using have been: …

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CGM accuracy – Calibration is King!

Over the years I’ve spent some time living with multiple CGM systems: Dexcom G4 and G5 Medtronic Guardian2/Enlite (640G pump) FreeStyle Libre FreeStyle Libre with Spike/xDrip+ Incidentally for the purposes of this technical discussion, the Libre is a Continuous Glucose Monitor. Any lack of alarms/etc does not change this, even if “Flash” monitoring doesn’t have …

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