End of an era – or is it?

When I started using an Animas 2020 insulin pump in 2010, I started with the Inset II infusion sets. I used these for years before realising I had options, and started exploring all the other infusion set types.

I use many different types, at different times and for different purposes. For example the Silhouette/TenderLink style doesn’t take much space when packing for a trip, and it’s comfortable and reliable. And sometimes I use a set type simply because I’ve finished experimenting with it and am now just using up the rest of the box. And some pumps only support a few models of infusion set.

But I’ve often come back to the Inset II as a convenient and comfortable set.  The Accu-Chek Combo pump I use has a luer-lock connector which means these fit perfectly.

I started out in 2010 with the 9mm cannula and 60cm tubing, but these days prefer the shorter 6mm cannula and either the 60cm or 110cm tubing. But the set is basically the same in each case.

My last Inset II

However these sets were associated with the Animas pumps, and the demise of the Animas brand meant that the Insets were finally taken off the Australian market in September 2019. If you’re an Inset II user and wondering what your options are, have a look through that article.

Today I am about to insert my last remaining Inset II. It’s almost like a farewell to an old friend. I do have other sets to use, so I’m not bereft. But it’s always sad to see a good product disappear.

Some people report problems with the teflon cannula in these sets kinking, but that’s only happened to me a few times in many years, and each time was attributable to a fault in my insertion technique (or trying to push a cannula back in one time after I’d sweated off the adhesive). For me they’ve been very reliable.

Will it return?

Well, the set hasn’t really gone. With a different pump connector on the end of the tubing, they’re still available as:

  • Medtronic Mio.
    This was one of the two sets I defaulted to when I was using Medtronic pump.
  • Tandem AutoSoft 90.

Unomedical (the maker of the Inset II) does seem keen to keep selling the design: it seems likely that the set will also appear for at least one other pump in the future.

Who knows what name they will have though.

2 thoughts on “End of an era – or is it?”

  1. HI David, I hope all is well in your world. We miss the inset II so much, if you hear that they are back in the mark with a new name please scream it to the roof tops.

    1. The same set is now available (with various pump connectors) as:

      • Medtronic Mio. For all current Medtronic pumps.
      • YpsoPump Inset. For YpsoPump.
      • AutoSoft 90. For Tandem t:slim X2 pump.
      • Dana Inset II. For DANA R/RS/i pumps. Not available in Australia yet. Despite the “Inset II” name, it doesn’t have the luer-lock connector of the Animas Inset II.

      Sorry, no sign of a version that would work with an Accu-Chek Combo pump.

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