Libre 2

Back in 2018 I wrote an article about the new Libre 2. Finally (as of yesterday) Abbott has got the Libre 2 approved with the TGA for use in Australia. All we know about the rollout and availability of the product is a statement by Abbott that it will be made available “over the coming …

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Time In Range (TIR) is one of the popular (and useful!) metrics we get from our CGM data. What percentage of time have been spending “between the flags” of our defined range. Most CGM reporting software will display this today. For example Dexcom’s Clarity app displays it as a graph, with the traditional “green” as …

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New interferent for Dexcom CGMs

Dexcom has just announced for Australia another medication which can interfere with their CGMs. Hydroxyurea is a cytotoxic medication used mainly in chemotherapy, so hopefully this won’t affect many people. But it has been shown to artificially raise the readings returned by the Dexcom CGMs (without actually raising the blood glucose). Thus caution should be …

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