BG graph scales

Our glucose data (whether it’s BG samples or CGM data) can be displayed in many ways. We can see a simple graph, a “spaghetti graph”, a percentile (AGP) graph, etc. These are all useful in different ways, but all I’m going to talk about here is the vertical scale on these graphs. Many of us …

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Targets and Goals

What is your goal for managing your BG levels? Many people think of the range 3.9-10 mmol/L as their “goal” for their blood glucose. It’s a commonly-referenced range. Of course, that’s being quite specific in terms of a goal. For most of us a better high-level goal is probably something like “live a full and happy life”. …

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CGM sensor locations

Where we place our CGM sensors is sometimes a fraught issue. Regulatory “labels” Dexcom and Medtronic initially registered their CGMs with the regulators (FDA, TGA, etc) saying they should be used on the abdomen. Abbott registered the Libre saying it should be used on the upper arm. Actually the Medtronic Guardian3 sensor lists the abdomen and …

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