Libre 2 in Australia at last

As of today, the Libre 2 FGM/CGM system is finally available in Australia!

I reported about the Libre 2 in 2018, and then in March this year we were told it was approved for Australia and would be available “in the coming months”. I guess it only took four months.

To summarise what we know so far:

  • Same price as Libre 1.
  • It is available through NDSS.
  • Physically the same dimensions.
  • LibreLink app only so far. The standalone blue Libre 2 Reader is not listed in the store.
  • The app needs you to scan to get readings just as with the Libre 1, but receives high/low-glucose alarms from the sensor via Bluetooth. So it can hopefully wake you up if necessary! And then you scan.

There has been some variation in exact feature set for the Libre 2 sensors in some parts of the world (e.g. in the US it doesn’t talk to phones, and that seems to be a Bluetooth protocol difference). Time will tell where the Australian version falls on those, but I’m sure we’ll find out fairly soon.

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