Securing CGM sensors: a postscript

Earlier this year in “Securing CGM sensors” I wrote about my use of Opsite Flexifix Gentle to cover my CGM sensors. This is quite different to traditional “Opsite Flexifix”. The silicone-based adhesive doesn’t cause me any irritation, stays secure for a long time, and when I do remove it it leaves the sensors intact (instead of pulling them out of my skin). This also means that if a sensor is in a hard-to-reach location I can replace/rearrange the tape one-handed without risking pulling the sensor off.

The tape isn’t cheap though. A 10cm-wide 1m roll usually costs around $22 at pharmacies when on special. I tend to cut 10cm squares, then round the corners and layer them up in a ziplock bag flat at the bottom of my sensor box so I can grab one as needed. There’s of course one with each sensor in my BOB and my travel backup gear.

So I get 10 (sometimes only 9) out of each 1m roll. With my habit of starting a new sensor every 12 days I end up having to buy a new box at least every 4 months. I asked my pharmacist about options for other box sizes, and they looked up their suppliers and told me there were no other options (other than 5cm x 1m which I find too narrow).

Unfortunately we can’t trust all the wholesalers

“No such product” sometimes just means “we don’t stock it”. In fact one person reported that their pharmacy was told it was discontinued (in all sizes).

I looked at Smith & Nephew’s website and could only see those two sizes. But when I spoke to them on the phone they not only confirmed it was not discontinued, but they also pointed out it was available in a 10cm x 5m roll! And they helped me track down where I could purchase it. Because I’m in Melbourne I ended up purchasing from Warner & Webster. I’m sure there are other sources scattered around the country.

At around $110 for the roll and shipping, it wasn’t really a saving over five 1m rolls. But knowing I have enough for a while without pharmacy wholesalers being dicks certainly gives some peace of mind. Some of the wholesalers are also being problematic regarding supply of the NDSS consumables they’ve contracted to supply, but that’s a story for another time.

4 thoughts on “Securing CGM sensors: a postscript”

  1. I’ve been using this one over my son’s tslim Infusion set – the trusteel part. I find when peeling the backing off a bit (and sometimes quite a bit) of the adhesive remains on the backing. Any tips? It’s a lovely gentle tape that doesn’t irritate.

    1. I’ve seen a spot or two left behind occasionally, but the only time I saw more than that was on a piece of tape which had been “bouncing around” for a bit. It may have been bent in “bad” ways?
      That’s all I can think of: not a problem I’ve particularly noticed.

  2. I’ve been using this for about a month, based on your original article, and I’m sold on it. I only use it to secure the sensor for the second 10 days, after a restart so a roll should last me about 5 months.

    It’s difficult to find in any size here in regional NSW and I picked my 1m roll up during a recent trip to Sydney. Good reminder to go to the source when tracking down alternative suppliers though and I will probably do the same to find a supplier a bit closer to home.

    1. Thank you for the userful info. I found this product cheaper at superpharmacy. The more items you get the lower the price. I just ordered six 1 meter ones and the price was less than the one 5 meter one from the link so just an advice to shop around!

      We did try this cover for Dexcom and it fell off after a swimming class but now we use it to cover the skin after we remove Omnipod and the area becomes extremely ichy and scratchy. This cover protects the skin and is easy to remove.

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