A few pump infusion sets being retired

The NDSS Insulin Pump Consumables list has just been updated, with a simple-to-explain change from the last update 6 month ago.
Accu-Chek has ceased Australian supply of the versions of the TenderLink infusion set that had 30cm and 80cm tubing. The TenderLink is the only cannula type that goes in at an angle instead of straight down.
These sets were used by the Accu-Chek Combo pump (which is no longer available new, but is still fully supported). The 60cm versions are still available.

Not a particularly surprising development: I expect the 60cm version sells a lot more than those. A few years ago Medtronic similarly cut back to the 60cm version of their almost-identical luer-lock version of the Silhouette set.

But if you’re a Combo user and were used to using the super-short tubing (e.g. on kids so it doesn’t tangle) or the longer tubing (often convenient in terms of allowing flexibility with pump/cannula placement) then unfortunately you’re out of luck.

60cm is the only option for the TenderLink now. The sites are also available without tubing (some people only change tubing with a new reservoir, otherwise replacing just the cannula) so you may be able to stretch out any remaining supplies you have.

For a list of all the currently-available infusion sets compatible with the Combo pumps, see the Combo section of this site’s Infusion Set Choices page.

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