NDSS pump consumables change

It’s the start of another month, and this time the NDSS Insulin Pump Consumables (IPC) list has been updated.

The “Pump Infusion Sets” page on this site (which you can find via the menu at the top of most pages) has been updated to match. I hope it remains a useful reference.

Notable changes include the removal of Medtronic’s remaining luer-lock infusion sets (which were compatible with the Combo pump) and the impending removal of their 180U reservoir. I have an upcoming article about the reservoir situation.

2 thoughts on “NDSS pump consumables change”

  1. Thanks David for always keeping us updated! Do you have any posts on the Vively glucose sensor ?

    1. David Burren

      Nope. Vively market the Libre2 sensor at the “health”/weightloss market. It doesn’t seem of particular note other than being “trendy”.

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