Insulin Pump Choices – February 2022 update

There have been some updates in two reference pages on this site: Insulin Pump Choices, and Closed-loop pumps in Australia. Partly it’s just updating things with new dates, but there are some new things in there which may excite some of you. Such as: AndroidAPS has reached version 3.0 this month. It’s available now. New …

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Omnipod DASH observations

The Omnipod DASH pump system launched in Australia recently, and I’ve been able to experiment with it a bit. Note the Omnipods I’ve been using were purchased by myself, not supplied by anyone else. As has been mentioned many times, these pumps are not currently supported by private health insurance or by NDSS, but once …

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Using a different insulin

People who know me wouldn’t be surprised to hear I’ve been experimenting with an insulin change recently. I started out pumping using Humalog. In 2018 I spent a few months experimenting with Apidra in the hope I could get a faster result (and thus a more-responsive loop). And then when Fiasp finally arrived in Australia …

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