Insulin Pump Choices – February 2022 update

There have been some updates in two reference pages on this site:

Partly it’s just updating things with new dates, but there are some new things in there which may excite some of you. Such as:

  • AndroidAPS has reached version 3.0 this month. It’s available now. New features include support for the Omnipod DASH pumps as well as the DANA-i.
  • Insulet’s “Omnipod 5” closed-loop system has achieved FDA approval in the US, although it’s presumably a while off from approval in other countries, let alone supply.
  • Tandem’s Control-IQ closed-loop firmware for its t:slim X2 pump is allegedly arriving in Australia in April.

As usual, there are still more updates in the pipeline. I have a feeling it’s going to be an interesting year!

2 thoughts on “Insulin Pump Choices – February 2022 update”

    1. There is work underway to make that happen (and I believe some in-principle support from the current federal Health Minister) but no-one yet knows the timeframes that will be involved with getting frameworks and possibly legislation updated.

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