NDSS CGM Subsidy (for T1) progress!

Well, the 1st of July has rolled around and indeed we now have subsidised access to CGM for all people with T1 diabetes who are registered with NDSS!

Actually we cannot yet access product yet. We can now apply for access, which will start on the 15th of July. Or is it the 11th? (see below). As I’ve previously suggested, don’t think you’re going to get to the pharmacy today and order your new CGM sensors!
If you’re a current self-funded user, hopefully you have enough to get by for at least another fortnight.

Incidentally I could have said “all Australians” but some citizens are outside Australia. I could say “all people with T1D in Australia” except some people (e.g. non-citizens) are not eligible for Medicare/NDSS. So hopefully I’ve been as concise as possible.

Getting set up

All the information can be found on the NDSS website. Also Diabetes Australia is hosting a live Q&A on their Facebook page at 10am Eastern Time today.

There are a bunch of categories:

  • For people already receiving CGM through NDSS (who will have been getting it for free) there is no change.
  • People who have been self-funding CGM from the distributor in the first 5 months of 2022 can register online and be streamlined in. Hopefully by the 15th of July.
  • People who were receiving CGM through NDSS but had to cease during 2022 (e.g. because they turned 21, no longer had concession status, or they were no longer pregnant) should automatically get resumption of supply. Hopefully by the 4th of July!
  • Everyone else will have to contact their diabetes educator or endocrinologist who will have to complete the registration “paperwork” (I say “paperwork” although the registration can now be done by the HCP online).

Unfortunately people who had to cease their CGM Subsidy before 2022 will have to contact their HCP like everyone else (even though they would have gone through that process to get set up initially). Note that a GP is not sufficient.

We’re all hoping that the onboarding process is as smooth as possible for everyone. At least the streamlining of “recent”/current users onto the system without needing HCP involvement should help the whole system cope.


Sadly (for me) there are hiccups already, with the online forms not accepting the NDSS IDs of many people (myself included). I suspect this is a coding bug on their part relating to those of us who have old enough IDs to start with (several) leading 0s. The form strips off those digits when reporting that it’s apparently not valid. Hopefully this is resolved soon, and won’t delay the verification. Their phone support people will be busy otherwise…

[Midday EDIT: That particular bug has been fixed. And apparently now access to product might start on the 11th! ]

What it costs

$32.50 per month is the figure quoted, based on “the equivalent of one month’s supply based on the manufacturer’s recommended product lifespan”. The exact amounts we pay for a box vary dependent on the particular CGM product.

The packaging and lifespans it has to deal with are:

CGM Contains Price per box
Libre 2 1 sensor per box, which should last 14 days. $15.00
Dexcom G6 3 sensors per box, each should last 10 days.
(30 days/box)
1 transmitter per box, which should last 3 months. free
Medtronic Guardian 3 5 sensors per box, each should last 7 days.
(35 days/box)
1 transmitter per box, which should last 12 months. free
Medtronic Enlite 5 sensors per box, each should last 6 days.
(30 days/box)

There are of course quota controls in place, so we can’t just order everything in one go.

Multiplying the box price by 365/(number of days) in all cases comes out to either $390.55 or $391.07. Together each system was supposed to come to $32.50/month ($390/year), so that’s pretty close.

Now we get to watch the rollout progress. And roll on July 15th!

12 thoughts on “NDSS CGM Subsidy (for T1) progress!”

  1. Darryl Hughes

    Medtronic contacted me yesterday regarding upgrading my 670G to a 780G on loan until my current warranty expires in October. The only catch is I need to be able to buy a new pump when my warranty expires or I need to return the pump within 90 days or pay the full price ( $8500). I have checked and my private insurance with Bupa will cover the cost (thank goodness!)
    Once I fill in the application and accept the terms and conditions Medtronic will contact my Endo and NDSS to sort out the paperwork. They will then send the new pump and new Bluetooth transmitter along with the sensors at the subscription price.
    This means I am locked in to getting the sensors from Medtronic but to get the new tech 4 months before my warranty expires makes it a great deal. I spoke with their Helpline and was assured they have pumps available to send so hopefully it will happen soon.
    Let’s hope we all get our subsided sensors soon. It’s been a long fight to get them but the lobbying worked and we T1Ds have one less stress to deal with. ?

  2. Thanks heaps for the update – fingers crossed this goes smoothly, I am pleasantly surprised with the state of play! Form accepted, waiting on Medtronic upgrade, looking forward to getting on to a closed loop system!

  3. I have a NDSS number beginning with ‘0’. The form which originally didn’t work this morning completed just fine when i tried it before.

    Has anyone got some kind of confirmation? I didn’t unless there sending it by Australia Post for some reason

    1. David Burren

      You should have seen an acknowledgement on-screen, and a note saying that the data would be checked with the vendor and if you’re processed successfully you will then receive an email, and you should be able to access product from the 11th of July.
      So I don’t think anyone’s got their email yet.

      1. I received an email from the NDSS on Friday saying:

        “Your information has been successfully validated with the supplier of your current device. Your access to subsidised products for your current device will be automatically enabled on 11 July 2022. No further action is required from you. You will receive notification confirming your access. ”

        Will try it next week!

  4. I’ve been a Freestyle Libre user, but want to transition to Dexcom for future pump compatibility. I’m hoping that my ‘trial order’ from AMSL counts and gets me streamlined access.

    1. I’m in a similar boat to you. Have used Medtronic 670G/Guardian 3 in the past but gave up before the start of this year because I like sleeping at night. I’m on the last sensor of a 1 month free trial of the Dexcom G6 that I started in mid-June. Since I received an invoice for the supply of this trial pack, I’m hoping that it qualifies me as an existing user.

      Has anyone who applied as an existing Dexcom user received confirmation of eligibility from NDSS yet?

      1. Unfortunately my application was denied, so I’ll have to get the Healthcare Professional one filled in. Not particularly unexpected as I was being cheeky.

      2. I was a FSL1 user and got approved for G6. But I did get some (electronic) paperwork assistance from my DE, so see how you go.

  5. where do i get anubis (dexcom g6 transmitter)? I cannot find a link on this website. please help! I need it in the USA. Thanks

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