Medtronic InPen is launched in Australia

I wrote last month about the Medtronic InPen. A “smart” insulin pen that integrates with a phone app via Bluetooth.
The latest news is that today Medtronic launched it as a product. You can find more information about it on their website.

The cost for one InPen (which has a non-replaceable battery and is supposed to last for one year) is AU$595. Medtronic trim that down to “as little as $12 per week”.

You would use this pen with either NovoRapid or Humalog pen cartridges. Their documentation talks about Fiasp, but as we know Novo doesn’t currently supply Fiasp in Penfill format in Australia. Injections of long-acting insulin (e.g. Levemir, Optisulin, or Toujeo) are done with other pens and manually logged into the InPen app. It does give you reminders about them.

The phone app integrates with Medtronic’s Guardian Connect phone-connected CGM.

For further commentary about the pen, please go back and read my August article.

2 thoughts on “Medtronic InPen is launched in Australia”

  1. So if the battery is non replaceable and lasts for 1 year does that mean I have to buy a new one every year?

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