An insulin pump update waiting in the wings

Medtronic’s hybrid closed loop (HCL) pumps continue to develop. Disregarding the low-glucose-suspend functions of the 640G and earlier pumps, their first generation “looping” pump was the 670G, and this grew into the 770G (which has the same algorithm but adds integration with some mobile phones via Bluetooth).

There has been talk of the 2nd-generation 780G for a while, and it seems like it’s getting closer. Over the last month or so the pump (and at least some of the components of its updated CGM system) have received TGA approval for supply in Australia.

The 780G has an updated algorithm which I’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedback about from testers. Also apparently the target BG level can be varied from the 670G/770G’s 6.7 mmol/L down to 5.6 mmol/L. The hardware is shared with the 770G, and one of the marketing points of the 770G was they could be firmware-upgraded to the 780G once it was available.

Do note that Medtronic have NOT made any announcements about it yet, but I think it’s fair to assume that now the TGA approval has been granted they’re running around in the background setting things up for a rollout (with training and marketing materials, product stock, etc). It’s not here yet, but it definitely seems to be coming.

The Insulin Pump Choices article has of course been updated to reflect the current status.

4 thoughts on “An insulin pump update waiting in the wings”

  1. Thanks for the update David. I like the fact you *could* lower the target BG so our control can be that little bit tighter. I’m sure the Facebook group will be frothing with excitement!

    Have a great day,


    1. A lower target doesn’t necessarily mean “tighter”. To me “tight control” is associated with lower variability (and increased time-in-range). Sometimes a lower average (and thus HbA1c) comes with that, but that’s a by-product.

  2. Radojkovic Marc

    Did they say if the new CGM will be released soon as well? Covid19 has slowed some of the local trials but it will be a 17 day fully disposable no calibration unit apparently they are ramping up production in a bew facility in El Salvador?

    1. In Europe the 780G is using the Guardian 4, and no I’m not aware of the release plans here.
      But I do know the 17-day CGM you speak of is Medtronic’s Project Zeus which is the next (at least) generation. That is an interesting form factor with a Libre-like applicator and very low profile. But as far as I know that’s still very much “future tech”.

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