NDSS updates

We were expecting to see updates to the NDSS supplies list as of October 1, but they haven’t come to pass!

The NDSS (National Diabetes Services Scheme) is an Australian government-funded service which provides subsidised diabetes consumables. The latest insulin pump being introduced in Australia is from Cellnovo, and they had been making a lot of fuss about the fact that supplies for it were going to be on the NDSS list as of October 1. That’s gotta hurt Cellnovo, as they can’t really sell their pumps to people (usually through private health insurance as prosthetics) until the supplies are available! Also many people are hoping that the Freestyle Libre glucose monitors will be put on the list (instead of having to pay $92.50/fortnight out of pocket) and were waiting to see if they appeared in this same update.

Nope! The only changes were the removal of two older BG test strips. All we know from NDSS at the moment is that there was a delay. The next regular update to the NDSS lists would probably be January 1, but it’s possible there will be an intermediate update in November.

As with so many things: time will tell!

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