Australian Insulin Pump Choices – April 2021 update

The recent changes in the Australian pump landscape have been subtle yet significant. So I’ve rolled out an update to my Insulin Pump Choices article.

The format of the article has subtly changed, and there is a bunch of updated data in there. More detail about many of the pumps, links to relevant peer-support groups, and new details too.

I recommend that you read through it in sequence, but if you’re lazy and really want me to point out some of the new material:

  • The Tandem t:slim X2 is available for sale again. Also mention of the t:sport.
  • The YpsoPump is getting the first of its upgrades any day now.
  • Subtle changes in which Medtronic pumps are being sold.
  • Updated details about the OmniPod coming to Australia. No, pricing and precise dates are NOT available yet, but the company is saying “2021”.

The article is now at a constant page instead of being a blog post that gets superseded. Updates to the page will of course be announced through the front of the Bionic Wookiee site. You can subscribe to email update announcements via the subscribe function on most posts (including this one).

Closed-loop pumps

The separate page highlighting the options for “looping” in Australia has been updated at the same time.

3 thoughts on “Australian Insulin Pump Choices – April 2021 update”

  1. David Valsorda

    Thank you for taking the time to write and update this article, I’ve read it multiple times now.
    My son is actually booked for a t-slim next week. Hopefully control IQ is not far away.

    Cheers for your time

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